Earthquake and Tsunami Watch in MMS

After the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, the national tsunami warning center (NTWC) was established in Maldives Meteorological Service (MMS). Earthquake data were collected from the US Geological Survey (USGS) and later in 2005 their real time earthquake monitoring system, California Integrated Seismic Network (CISN) was introduced into the NTWC. In 2007, “SeiscomP3” system was added to our real time earthquake monitoring system.

Geologically, Maldives is located on the Indian tectonic plate which makes Indian Ocean ring as our main area of concern. There are two main subduction zones in this ring, the plate boundaries near Sumatra, Indonesia and the Makran coast. Large magnitude earthquakes in subduction zones tend to create Tsunamis, hence these areas are given a special importance.

In addition to the subduction zones mentioned, we experience earthquakes in the Carlsberg Ridge which is located on the south west of Maldives islands. Even though this fault does not cause a Tsunami, it can cause other damages depending on the magnitude of the event. The earthquake occurred on 15th of July 2013 which was recorded 7.6 in Richter scale, caused some damages to the Addu City infrastructure.