Seismic Network in Maldives

After the 2004 Tsunami, National Meteorological Centre started to develop its early warning system and introduced seismology in to the centre. Through the German Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning Sysytem (GITEWS) project, a broadband seismometer was installed in Hdh Hanimaadhoo and Gdh Kaadedhhoo. Seismic data collected from these stations are transferred to the main hub in Jakarta, Indonesia via satellite antenna installed at the stations. The stations are solar powered and the VSAT modem is mains powered with backup battery installed. For backup communication, a (Broadband Global Area Network) BGAN is installed in each station.

HDH.Hanimadhoo GDH.Kaadehdhoo
Station Name Hanimadhoo, Maldives Kaadehdhoo, Maldives
Latitude 6.7731167ºN 0.4929ºN
Longitude 73.18218ºE 72.9948ºE
Primary Sensor Streckeisen STS2 Streckeisen STS2
Secondary Sensor Kinemetrics Force balance Accelerometer Kinemetrics Force balance Accelerometer
Digitizer Kinemetrics Q330 Kinemetrics Q330

SeiscomP3 System

SeiscomP3 was installed in Maldives Meteorological Service in early 2008 for the real time earthquake monitoring. The system displays real time seismic waves and is capable of automatically calculating earthquakes within a few minutes.