Brief description of new website

Tue, 24 August 2021

Brief description of MMS new website

In an effort to provide easy access and updated weather information to public, MMS has upgraded its website with more useful and additional features. The Beta-Version of the website is now released to public. Keeping in mind the diverse user groups, it can be viewed both in Dhivehi and English. The site is designed to be responsive to tablets and various mobile devices as well. In the home page there is 3 day weather forecast of 5 weather stations in iconic format. Scrolling down the page shows latest observed temperature, rainfall and winds over the station being selected from the dropdown menu. It will also display hourly data of past 24 hours observations. Latest satellite picture is displayed as slow animation slides. Further scrolling down the page will give you tidal graph and some astronomical information such as sunrise/set and moon rise/set for the day. Latest earthquakes that occurred over Indian Ocean region are also updated.

Under the <Weather> tab, is the general weather forecast and latest display of information from Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) updated half hourly basis.

<Aviation> tab contains latest aviation weather reports (SPECI/METAR) and forecast (TAF, SIGMET) required for flight operations.

Under <Climate> there are 2 tabs <General Climate> and <Climate Data Request>. General Climate section shows on average seasonal variation of weather over Maldives, while Climate Data Request tab leads to a form where users can request for historical climate data.

<Earthquake> tab displays latest earthquakes occurred over Indian Ocean region. Those earthquakes that meet specified Alert criteria are only displayed in this page.

<Awareness> tab leads to general information on natural hazards and criteria for which alerts of different categories are issued. FAQ about Maldives weather can also be founded here.

<Alert> page displays latest active Alerts. Additionally, alerts would pop-up in the homepage when issued.

<Media> tab contains News, Photo Gallery and General Downloads section.


Special Gratitude:

We are grateful to the UNDP Maldives for their valuable contribution for the development of MMS website through its “program on strengthening early warning operating procedures, increasing public awareness on disaster risk reduction, and increasing national capacity for disaster preparedness”.

We also appreciate the excellent job done by The Loop Craft in designing and developing the website.